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Our History

The original V.J. Stanley, Inc. was originally founded in Rochester, NY in 1951 by Vincent Stanley, Sr. It has been a wholesale distributor specializing in domestic, commercial and industrial hot water heating systems and domestic and commercial heating systems. V.J. Stanley, Inc. was also a manufacturers' representative specializing in commercial hydronic and steam system applications.

The company was acquired in 2014 by Bill Victor & Joel Scott as a "sister company" to Buffalo's Stritt & Priebe, Inc., which specializes in industrial sales, service & repair of safety valves & conventional valves. They are a supplier of valves, pipe, fittings, actuators & instruments, and have been in business since 1922.


The new VJ Stanley is housed in a shared space at 595 Hague St. in Rochester. Stritt & Priebe, Inc. has begun its Rochester presence alongside VJ Stanley. The complementary product lines of VJ Stanley’s pumps, tanks, boilers, and Stritt & Priebe’s valves, controls, pipe & fittings should greatly meet our customer’s needs. Being a Manufacturers’ Representative and a Wholesale Distributor, VJ Stanley is poised to be a powerhouse in all of New York State.

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Partners Bill Victor and Joel Scott have owned VJ Stanley since August, 2014. They were very busy, accomplishing many things in a short time.

  • They secured the future of the company and the lines represented for years to come. Purchasing the company assured the customer base that VJS was not going anywhere, and subsequently,  the level of business has increased a substantial amount.
  • They hired new inside and outside sales people who have been in the industry for years. They now have people on the road all the way from Syracuse, NY to Cleveland, OH. They have 3 inside counter salesmen and another to cover Industrial Pipe, Valves, and Fittings in Rochester.
  • They secured a new facility at 595 Hague Street to house both VJ Stanley and Stritt & Priebe, their Buffalo-based industrial PVF house.
  • They moved a physical presence of VJ Stanly to Buffalo to support the Buffalo market.
  • They implemented a new computer system and phone system at VJS, tying the Rochester & Buffalo locations seamlessly together.
  • They acquired a new 26’ Freightliner flatbed truck with a Conestoga Cover for protected deliveries of our products to customers and jobsites. This truck travels from Rochester to Buffalo & back twice weekly.
  • They substantially increased the amount of Customer Educational Seminars. (Breakfasts, Lunches, Day and Half Day)Joel__bill_VJ_1.jpg

“Our valued customers are now experiencing the quality of our company. We trust you’ll appreciate what you see as we offer the responsiveness, talent and innovation required to meet your company's specific needs.

VJ Stanley remains a unique company committed to earning your business. Call today to hear how we continue to provide the high level of service that many have come to expect and enjoy from VJ Stanley. Feel free to contact our sales force or either of us directly.”

Bill Victor
Joel Scott

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“The VJ Stanley pump seminar is good for both the experienced and inexperienced guys. It allows them to see the whole picture of why we have failures and what needs to be done to correct the problems we encounter every day. We would like to get more training thru VJ Stanley!”

Terry Justinger

Mechanical Equipment/Refrigeration/Sheet-Metal

SUNY @ Buffalo